Myanmar top 10 attractions

Do you want to take your family for a vacation to a place that not very many people usually visit? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, then book your tickets for Myanmar. As Myanmar travel information, an exotic country manifesting all things oriental, it is being tipped as the place to visit in 2019.

Here is a list of places that you must visit during your stay in Myanmar.

1) You must visit the capital of Myanmar, Yangon which was previously known as Rangoon. Though the colonial architecture is decaying, Yangon is a unique example of how British colonial capitals of the 19th century were. While in Yangoon you must also see the Shwedagon which is the most honoured pagoda in the country.

2) Inle Lake is one of the biggest attractions of Myanmar and you cannot miss it! It is a freshwater lake and the small villages against the foggy mountains make it absolutely picturesque.

3) The Golden Rock, which is known as the KyiteHtee Yoe Pagoda in the local language, is a stunning pagoda and is a sacred place for the people of the country. It is located on the top of a mountain and is the must-visit place for all those people who are interested in sacred pilgrimage.

4) You must visit Putao which once upon a time was the site of British Fort Hertz during the Second World War.

5) The Ngwe Saung Beach is extremely popular and is 5 hours drive away from Yangon. It is the longest beach of South East Asia and the sun kissed beach will take your breath away!

6) The Mrauk U is an ancient city and is an important archaeological site. On your visit to this city, you will be able to witness the artefacts that are still found in this place.

7) You should go to Kalaw which is a minority hill tribe village. Though not many tourists visit this place, here you will get a taste of rural Myanmar.

8) Kengtung is famous for its many monasteries and temples.

9) At the Mount Popa, you can climb the 777 steps and see the shrine which is 700 years old.

10) You should also visit the Ngapali Beach, which is one of the most attractive sight-seeing beaches in Myanmar.