Mandalay, An Ancient Capital City of Myanmar

Mandalay is the ancient capital city of Myanmar Dynasty. This town is full of Myanmar people’s pride. There are too many Myanmar traditional cultures and remembrances. The people in this town are so kind and helpful. Mandalay has too many things for visitors. if you are a tourist, you should try to go to these places in Mandalay. These are Mandalay Mount, Mandalay Kyone, and Mandalay Myo Ma Market.

First thing you should do in Mandalay is taken breakfast in Mandalay Zay Cho Market. This market is the biggest market in Mandalay. There are too many delicious Myanmar traditional foods like Mandalay “Mote Ti”, Mandalay Htoe Mote, etc. The first thing to do when you visit Mandalay is Mandalay Mote Ti. Mandalay Mote Ti is made with hand-made noodles, pounder of the bean, nga phal. And another trademark of Mandalay is Mandalay Htoe Mote. The type of these foods is Mandalay Mote Ti also can take for breakfast and Htoe Mote can take after your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Foods in this market are almost Myanmar traditional foods and they are full of flavour, delicious. Their tastes are easy to try for foreigners and local visitors. People almost buy Htoe Mote as a present of Mandalay when they go back to their native town.

Mandalay has many unique places. These places are Mandalay Palace, Mandalay Hill, Mahar Myat Mu Ni Pagoda, etc. Mandalay Palace was built in the Dynasty of King Min Tone Min between 1857 and 1859. This palace is one of the last Royal Palace of Myanmar. In this palace, too many building of Myanmar court. This palace was bordered by a wall of Mandalay, also known as Mandalay Kyone. Each wall has garrison and gate. Now, this palace is one of the unique places for local visitors and tourists.

The next place to visit in Mandalay is Mandalay Hill. Mandalay Hill is high of 720 feet. Mandalay Hill is famous for pagodas and monasteries located along this hill. One of the famous pagodas from Mandalay Hill is Mwegyi Hnakaung (Two Great Snakes) Pagoda. There are too many stairs build from bottom to top of the hill. Visitors often go there to watch the sunset or sunrise view over the whole city. When you visit Mandalay, the place you should not miss is Mwegyi Hnakaung (Two Great Snakes) Pagoda.

Mandalay is also known as a business city of Myanmar. These places are also famous for gems and jewellery market place, especially the jade market place. Because of Mandalay is near Mogok and merchant come to Mandalay for their business. Mogok is also known as Myanmar’s Ruby Land. These market places are live with the teeming crowd, merchant, gems reseller. So, these places are wonderful and famous places for world travellers. Some gem marketers go Mogok for their gem business and some gem marketers just go Mandalay.

If you have an idea to visit Myanmar, you should visit Mandalay as the old ancient capital city of Myanmar. And make a trip documentary of Myanmar King Dynasty.